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Live With The Young Professionals

Photographer: Hanan Assor

Sweet Vintage Fashion Editorial

Photographer: Daniel Kaminski Styling: Aviv Avramov

Hollywood Tribute

Photographer: Eitan Tal Styling: Sivan Hymy


Photographer: Ronen Akerman Styling: Reuven Choen

20 Seconds

Photographer: Tom Zvili Styling: Reuven Choen

PAG & CHEESECAKE Presents…Pride! @ The Block

Pool parties, bare flesh, espionage, guns and pink blood. It’s all there as Uriel channels his inner Bond ahead of PRIDE! @ The Block, which kicks off the 2012 Tel Aviv Pride weekend.

The Young Professionals Live in Paris

Get ready for synchronized dancing, neon lights and a spot of D.I.S.C.O. as Uriel joins TYP live on stage at Club 15-15 in Paris.

TYP D.I.S.C.O Dance Class Part 3 of 3

Uriel takes to the seafront in this final and dramatic episode of TYP’s D.I.S.C.O. Dance Class

TYP D.I.S.C.O Dance Class Part 2 of 3

More Uriel, spandex, heels and TYP D.I.S.C.O. moves — on one of Tel Aviv’s finest rooftops!

TYP D.I.S.C.O Dance Class Part 1 of 3

Uriel Yekutiel teaches the signature dance moves featured in the video for TYP’s cover of the Ottawan classic ‘D.I.S.C.O.’

Going All The Way

Uriel joins adult star Yonatan Agassi for this humorous but evocative video in support of LGBT advocacy group ‘Bella Doeget’ and the Israel AIDS Task Force (Video By Omer Tobi)


Electro-pop duo TYP enlists Uriel, complete with outrageous dress sense and inventive dance moves, for this cover of Ottawan’s classic 80s disco tune (Video By Guy Sagy)

20 Seconds

Belly-dancers, donkeys, a strange funeral, and Uriel in a yashmak overseeing it all: this second collaboration with TYP makes for a strange visual treat. (Video By Omer Tobi)

Ma Asita Li

Love-struck Uriel is crushed by the object of his desire in this provocative and controversial first video for Arisa’s Parties (Video By Omer Tobi)

Special Soccer Party!

Ever tried to play soccer in a pair of killer heels? Uriel and his flesh-baring friends show off their ball skills in the carnival atmosphere of this Arisa video (Video By Omer Tobi)

No Brasil

Uriel takes a liking to a hunky gas station attendant in this video celebrating the Arisa Party’s arrival in Brazil. But what will his girlfriend think? (Video By Omer Tobi)

World Tour

Prepare to look at airport walkways in a new light as Uriel says goodbye to his lover in this promo for Arisa’s appearance at Eilat Pride (Video By Omer Tobi)

Le Téléphone d’Amour

Maids, high-heels, duped naked models, frying pans, bondage and legendary Israeli singer Zehava Ben: just another one of Uriel Yeketieli’s low-key Arisa parties (Video By Omer Tobi)

mon chocolat

Dressed in feathers and escorted by a pair of aged divas, Uriel serves up an unexpected sticky chocolate sauce shower in a video that received various imitations (Video By Omer Tobi)

Rinat Bar Live

Uriel has his eyes on his lover who has his eyes on someone else in a video featuring the internationally acclaimed Batsheva Dance Company (Video By Omer Tobi)

Alongside his frequent appearances with TYP, Uriel performs across the globe at parties and private events.

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